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    New Jersey Car Insurance — Young Drivers, Drunk Driving, and SR-22

    Whenever insurance providers go through their clients’ files, they immediately separate the more risk-prone drivers from the rest. These people are deemed to be more likely to file a claim due to their records thus draining more money from the company than others. They are going to have a tough time finding a place that would be willing to give them cheap insurance but it is not an impossible task. In this article, we discuss some of the special concerns of people who have been caught drunk driving, motorists who are still in their teens, and those who have been legally compelled to file an SR-22.

    NJ Car Insurance for Young Motorists

    Most states base their licensing system on a graduated framework wherein teenagers are allowed an increasing number of privileges as they grow older. This is to allow young people to acquire experiences and gain maturity on their way towards becoming full-pledged drivers. In New Jersey, the laws impose the following restrictions:

    GDL Law Requirements New Jersey
    Learner’s permit 16 years old
    Intermediate license 17 years old
    Full licensure 18 years old
    Mandatory Learner’s Permit 6 months holding period
    Supervised Practice Driving 30 hours
    Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban Yes; driving is prohibited between 11:00PM – 5:00AM (intermediate license only)
    Passenger Restrictions Yes; one passenger maximum outside of dependents
    Cell Phone Use Prohibited (with the exception of emergencies)
    Texting Prohibited

     DUI Insurance in New Jersey

    Motorist caught violating drunk driving laws for the first time have a plethora of penalties awaiting them. For instance, they could be incarcerated for a maximum of 30 days and fined $250 to $400. This could go up to $500 depending on the level of intoxication with the threshold being 0.10% BAC. In addition, their driving license may be suspended for 3 months to an entire year. The judge may deem it fit to order the installation of an ignition interlock on their car at their own expense. There will also be at least a $525 DWI fee and 12 hrs cumulative in an intoxicated motorist center. Lastly, they will have to endure a hit on their finances with a $1000 surcharge on annual premiums for three consecutive years.

    Filing SR-22 in New Jersey

    Only a select few ever files an SR-22 to the appropriate department. These are the people who have been found guilty of the gravest offences such as neglecting insurance and triggering an accident. Sometimes, convicted drunk drivers are also asked to file the document before they can retrieve their license.

    Vehicle insurance is an obligation you must not ignore if you plan on driving on New Jersey. State laws are harsh to people who disregard their duty as drivers and many have already suffered the consequences of their inaction. Don’t worry as you can get low cost plans if you apply diligence in gathering New Jersey car insurance quotes. The process has been simplified nowadays with the availability of online tools such as the one we have here at Newjerseycarinsurancequotes.net. Fill in the blanks and watch as you receive New Jersey auto insurance quotes on your computer within minutes.

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