• Cheap Car Insurance in Newark, NJ

    In the past, coming across cheap car insurance in Newark NJ took a lot of effort and a dash of luck. Nowadays, it has become much easier thanks to technologies like Newjerseycarinsurancequotes.net‘s popular quote finder. This online search tool enables people to gather quotes within their zip code in an instant. From there, they can compare options and choose a plan that suits their needs.

    Average Newark Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $538 Per Year

    Newark is known for being the birthplace of a world-leading insurance company. It is certainly living up to its reputation with its residents averaging $3,127 for annual premium payments — an amount that’s 10.87% above that of Essex County and 58% above the average in New Jersey. Several factors are pushing the numbers up but cheap car insurance in Newark NJ is achievable through varied means.

    Insurance Factors — Pushing Back for Lower Rates in Newark, NJ

    It is essential to find a provider that offers adequate coverage as mandated by law while keeping the rates down. We have already mentioned the use of our search tool for this purpose. Once an insurance company has been chosen, applicants must convince the assessor of their dependability as clients. Providers are notoriously risk-averse. They will increase an individual’s premium for every hint of risk that they see such as speeding violations, DUI charges, bad credit score, and so on. On the other hand, they are also quick to give discounts to clients who deserve them as demonstrated below:

    • Location — Newark holds the distinction of being the most populous city in NJ with its 277,185 inhabitants as of 2011 — 1.3% higher than the figure in 2000. These people occupy an area of 23.8 square miles, with the ensuing density being 11,648 persons for every sq mi. This makes it one of the most crowded cities in America and it shows when you walk through its jam-packed streets. Lots of people mean lots of cars, causing heavy traffic and numerous accidents, leaving providers no choice but to jack up their vehicle insurance rates.
    • Driving To Work — On average, residents need to allot around 31.7 minutes for their regular morning commute to get to their offices on time. The lower they can get this, the better for their premiums. Insurance companies view every second on the road as exposure to road hazards. The less people drive, the safer they are, and so they are charged appropriately. Another thing that people can do is to skirt around the rush hour if their schedule allows it.
    • Auto Thefts — The city was witness to 3,699 incidents in 2011 alone. This means that there were over 10 cases of car theft every single day, for an entire year. Protect yourself and your car through anti-theft technologies that ward off thieves. The initial investment will be returned through the resulting insurance discount.
    • Education — Six percent of Newark residents have obtained a college degree. They can use this to avail of insurance discounts from their provider.

    Our search tool has made it incredibly easy to locate cheap auto insurance in Newark. Take advantage of this free service to save hundreds of dollars for your family.

    Don’t live in Newark? That’s okay. You can still save a bundle – especially if you live in Trenton, Edison, or Paterson!

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