• New Jersey Car Insurance Requirements

    Car Insurance Laws in New Jersey

    The great majority of states in the country will direct all of its motorists to obtain insurance before they can be allowed to drive. It is simply the responsible things to do and lawmakers in New Jersey agree. Ignoring this directive or following it half-heartedly will only lead to harsh penalties if police officers ever find out. You may think that it’s easy to evade the cops but there’s really no telling what will happen on the road. It’s also better to drive with peace of mind, knowing that you have nothing to hide. Besides, the minimum requirements are usually pretty basic. However, some do impose an extended coverage to ensure that every motorist will be taken care of in a multitude of situations. Among the New Jersey car insurance requirements are:

    UM/UIM Coverage for Negligent Drivers

    A handful of states acknowledge that liability coverage by itself may not be sufficient in certain accidents. For instance, what if the party which caused the collision is not insured at all? Or perhaps the driver is insured by not adequately as prescribed by law? In both cases, the victim is at a loss as to where to source funds for hospitalization and mechanical repairs. The uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is added to protect innocent victims from drivers who neglect their duty to get the appropriate degree of insurance. New Jersey believes that this coverage is important and so it is mandatory for all drivers, with limits up to the liability insurance amounts.

     No-Fault and PIP in New Jersey

    There are cases wherein it’s very difficult to point fingers as to who caused an accident. There are states that resolve this by making it compulsory to assign fault to a party. Others are more understanding of the situation and allow authorities to call it quits if necessary. However, in the latter case, there will still be damages to attend to and funds must be sourced to cover them. This is where no-fault insurance comes in. New Jersey auto insurance requirements include personal injury protection coverage, exactly to protect people in these no-fault incidents.

     Hands-Free Laws in New Jersey

    Every so often, a news article will emerge pointing to an accident caused by texting or calling while driving. A barrage of such incidents in the past has prompted state legislatures to pass laws that restrict the use of cellphones when people are behind the wheel. In particular, New Jersey imposes the following:

    Hand-held Ban All motorists
    Young drivers all cellphone ban Those holding an intermediate license or a learner’s permit
    Bus drivers all cellphone ban Only school bus drivers
    Texting ban All motorists
    Enforcement primary

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